3 Reasons to Have an Exercise Buddy

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There is an infinite number of reasons why you may not exercise as regularly as you should. Maybe you have a very demanding job. Maybe you have an old injury makes it painful. Maybe you just really hate to exercise. Whatever your excuses are, they're not enough to overcome the many (many) health benefits of exercising. For your physical and mental well-being, it's time to consider how getting an exercise buddy can help you make a lifestyle change you won't regret.


Accountability is the primary reason to have an exercise buddy. Of course, it only works if both of you are committed to your workout regime. Accountability is all about making the effort to check in with your buddy. If one of you starts to slack off, then it's up to the other one to make phone calls, send texts, and show up at the door with a bottle of water in their hand. If both of you live in Charlotte, NC apartments, this should be easier to accomplish than if you lived across town. 


Working out can be dangerous if you're first getting started. You may not know how to use the machines or how much weight you can handle. A buddy is there to spot you in case the weights fall, and they're around to help you puzzle over which buttons to push. They'll be the one to encourage you to check with a gym employee instead of guessing on your own!


Sometimes having a friend next to you just makes an activity more fun, and this is true even if both of you hate to exercise with every fiber of your being! Having someone else there to share in your triumphs and commiserate with your defeats is exactly what you need to keep going long after you want to quit. Plus, you might even start to enjoy exercising somewhere along the way. 

Recruiting an exercise buddy is a smart step towards a healthier lifestyle. If you're looking for an apartment complex that values the quality of life as much as you do, consider Retreat at McAlpine Creek. Give us a call today to learn more about our spacious floorplans!

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