Layered Lighting Changes Living Room Ambiance

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Add layered lighting to warm up the living area in Charlotte apartments. However, before you go shopping, sketch out your goals for lighting up your space. Here are some idea to get you started.

Lampshades Are Optional

Lamp shades have a big effect on the quality and ambiance of your lighting. Lighter shades disperse more light in the room, while duskier shades localize light and project it above and below the fixture, creating layers.

If you want a room flooded with light, ditch traditional lampshades in favor of glass or mesh options. 

Incandescent Light

Make sure the light in your living area is inviting — unlike the harsh white light of a hospital waiting area. To do this, choose bulbs with softer shades or go with smart bulbs that work with a dimmer.

Light bulbs in the blue spectrum suppress melatonin and make it hard to sleep or relax. However, incandescent bulbs, which give off a soft yellow light, have the opposite impact. 

Don't Forget Task Lighting

When choosing light fixtures, consider the brightness in the room itself as well as how that impacts other areas of the apartment. Remember that form is only one part of the equation. You'll need task lighting, such as reading lamps, or brighter bulbs for crafting and other close work. This is why layered light that accommodates your needs at different times of the day is so important.

Go Vertical With Floor Lamps

Floor lamps require less floor space than side tables with lamps on them. Torchiere floor lamps look fabulous in cozy apartments, and many of them come with built-in options for various levels of lighting. Modern floor lamp designs blend into industrial or minimalist furnishings, while designer styles let you add quirky flair and illumination to your living area.

Wall Sconces

Layered lighting is cultivated by ceiling fixtures that come with the apartment, mid-level lighting provided by table and desk lamps, floor lamps that emanate light upward and out, and wall sconces and recessed lighting for highlight illumination near photos, artwork or just because.

Experiment with layered lighting from multiple directions and heights to achieve a rich ambiance in apartments in Charlotte, NC. Let us know if you'd like to receive more information about available floor plans.

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